Welcome to Food Processing Skills Canada's Rapid Results

This initiative is bringing real time labour market information and business data directly to food and beverage manufacturing companies across Canada.

The process to participate is easy. If you are an industry employer, HR professional, or hold a senior or management level position in Canada’s food and beverage manufacturing industry, simply register below.

As a panelist, you and hundreds of other industry leaders across Canada will share insights on key issues such as labour shortages, immigration, supply chain disruptions, and inflation impacting the industry. In return, you will receive early access to comprehensive reports and exciting benefits.

Rapid Results Employer Opinion Panel

The Rapid Results panel has been designed to be a statistically sound representation of Canada’s food and beverage manufacturing industry. The information generated from the panel will be analyzed and condensed in reports for sharing with industry, stakeholders, and key decision-makers in government.

Panelists will receive early access to the reports and invitations to participate in webinar briefings. It is anticipated that the reports will assist businesses in not only their own development strategy but in informing specific activities such as the completion of Labour Market Information Assessments, and hiring and retention best practices.

Food Processing Skills Canada is pleased to provide this new, first of its kind service to Canadian food and beverage manufacturers.

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Panelist Benefits

Early access to all six sets of results, which will help in guiding business decisions and supporting Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) applications, for FREE.

Access to the results of two national consumer trend surveys and one survey of Canadian grocery retailers.

Up to six chances at winning a $500.00 Amazon gift card: After each survey respondents will be automatically entered into a random draw.

Access to the HR Ready Portal, which includes over $2000.00 worth of learning tools and resources developed by and for the industry.

Ready to Learn More?

We will ask you questions as part of a repeating anonymous survey. In return, you will receive a report of aggregate data on this exact information from food and beverage processors across Canada to help guide your business decisions.

For the first time, this industry is working together to benefit from real-time labour market information. Let us inform your future!

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