Objectives of Rapid Results

Food Processing Skills Canada developed Rapid Results to change the paradigm of old statistics and dated labour market information for the Canadian food and beverage manufacturing industry. As leaders know, having timely and relevant insights on key industry issues, both current and future, is essential to making the best decisions for a business and by extension the people that are employed by that business.

With Rapid Results, Canadian employers will finally have access to real time, valuable information. That is our objective.

Participating on the Rapid Results Employer Opinion Panel has been made as easy and as quick as possible. Surveys take approximately five minutes each to complete with core and spotlight questions.

What topics will the surveys address?

Each survey will include two sets of questions:

Core Questions:

“Core” questions repeated across all surveys that will allow us to track changes in key areas, such as:

Full Time

New Hires



Spotlight Questions:

“Spotlight” questions unique to each survey to examine major and/or emerging issues, such as:

Recruitment Practices

Supply Chain Challenges

Impact of Inflation
& Rising Costs

foreign workers

Panel members will receive early access to results of the surveys they respond to, including a summary report and invitation to a webinar briefing. 

To simplify review of the latest survey results, employer panel participants will have access to a Rapid Results Dashboard. This dashboard will illustrate aggregate survey outcomes for quick reference and comparison purposes. 


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