What is involved in being a Rapid Results panelist?

Panelists will be surveyed 6 times, at 2 to 3-month intervals, starting May 2023 until March 2024.
  • Panelists should be a senior member of their company, such as an owner or hold a management position and have a strong knowledge of HR and industry issues including recruitment, hiring, training and operations.
  • Panelists are asked to complete all six surveys.

Invitations to respond to surveys will be sent by email. Surveys can be completed using any Internet-connected device (e.g., phone).

All data will be anonymized prior to analysis, meaning responses will be “disconnected” from respondents.
  • Results will be reported in aggregate and neither respondent names nor the names of companies will be shared outside of Food Processing Skills Canada.

Panel members will receive early access to results of the surveys they respond to which will include a summary report and invitation to a webinar briefing.

What topics will the surveys address?

Each survey will include two sets of questions:

Core Questions:

“Core” questions repeated across all surveys that will allow us to track changes in key areas, such as:

Full Time

New Hires



Spotlight Questions:

“Spotlight” questions unique to each survey to examine major and/or emerging issues, such as:

Recruitment Practices

Supply Chain Challenges

Impact of Inflation
& Rising Costs

foreign workers

Sample Dashboard

To make it easier for employer panel participants to view results from the latest survey, panelists will have access to a Rapid Results Dashboard. This dynamic dashboard will have interactive functionality like the example below.

Panelist Benefits

In addition to helping our industry, panelists will receive the following benefits to thank them for their input:

Early access to all six sets of results, which will help in guiding business decisions and supporting Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) applications, for FREE.

Access to the results of two national consumer trend surveys and one survey of Canadian grocery retailers.

Up to six chances at winning a $500.00 Amazon gift card: After each survey respondents will be automatically entered into a random draw.

Access to the HR Ready Portal, which includes over $2000.00 worth of learning tools and resources developed by and for our industry.

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